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Jun 10, 2014
@ 9:50 pm
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Recently watched: In a World…

File under: Female written comedy, see also: More Lake Bell please

As a lover of film and a lifetime owner of lady parts, I will pretty much jump at any opportunity to experience the female perspective in cinema. So the minute I saw the trailer for In a World I was ready to watch. Written and directed by Lake Bell, In a World takes on the lack of female voice in film quite literally.

Bell plays Carol, a slightly unmotivated voice coach/voiceover actor struggling in the male dominated field. Her father is at the head of that industry after the death of legendary voice actor Don LaFontaine. He personifies the old hollywood mentality telling Carol that “the industry does not crave a female sound.” I could imagine a similar statement being thrown around in one way or another over the years in Hollywood. In a World challenges that statement and others like it with satire and a little sweetness, and I think it succeeds pretty well. 

Through a series of good luck, Carol ends up head-to-head against the big boys, including the always fun Ken Marino, for a coveted Hollywood voiceover gig. What unfolds is funny, touching and just a little bit silly (without being insufferably quirky). I must admit in the end, I may have even felt just a hint of girl power rising in my chest.

I really enjoyed the cast of actors. I wish I saw some of them more often, and others I was happy to be introduced to. Can we specifically touch on the fact that Tig Notaro needs to be cast in more movies right now?! 

I’m excited to see more from Lake Bell in the future because well, I love her voice (the directorial one).

P.S. To the big wigs in Hollywood…female written comedies don’t have to involve weddings and/or bachelorette parties for women to want to go see them. Just in case you weren’t sure. They can be movies like this too.

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